Bed Bugs in Canada: A Rising Crisis for Canadians

Bed Bugs in Canada: A Rising Crisis for Canadians

Bed Bugs in Old FurnitureThe bed bug epidemic in Canada has raised serious concerns among inhabitants of cities afflicted by these tiny blood-suckers. In fact, the reaction of people to this problem is comparable to the one we saw in the early days of HIV/AIDS. Bed bugs not only cause panic amongst those effecte, but they are known to cause serious psychological disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and OCD.

cn-tower-bed-bugWhen a hospital discovered a cancer patient was living with bed bugs at home, the management reacted by refusing to proceed with treatment. Another similar incidence reported was that a health care facility refused to conduct a procedure on a patient with a kidney disease because he/she had a bed bug problem. Although some nurses were involved and managed to ease their fears and treat the patients eventually, this reaction created a lot of awareness and made it clear that bed bugs are a serious issue not only Toronto, Canada but all over North America.

People living with bed bugs are treated like outcasts, not only by friends, family and neighbours who know about their bed bug issues but also by professionals. Due to these issues, there are reports suggesting that nurses, doctors, health care providers and home-care workers should help patients overcome this problem by educating their patients about the best bed bug treatment solutions. Click ahead to read about the best bed bug treatment options.

Etobicoke Hospital Bed Bug InfestationA bed bug infestation in the Toronto Hospital in 2010 set out an outburst to Torontonians and the Toronto government to do something about this growing problem. Reports suggest that healthcare organizations should help develop protocols that can help control this epidemic. The Government of Ontario also went out of their way and created an initiative to educate Ontarians about bed bugs and give them advice of what to do if they get bed bugs. You can read about it here – Bed Bug Info


Bed bugs not only drink human blood, they also cause allergic reactions as well that are very itchy, unpleasant and uncomfortable. Some chronic disorders caused by bites include sleeplessness, mental problems, social isolation, and depression. People (elderly and financially compromised) who cannot afford a professional bed bug exterminator in Toronto suffer the most with failed and ineffective cheap DIY bed bug treatment alternatives.

Cities in and around the Greater Toronto Area most affected by bed bug infestations include but are not limited to:greater-toronto-area-bed-bug-infestations

  • Brampton
  • Mississauga
  • Hamilton
  • North York
  • Etobicoke

Experts on this matter insist that Canada’s problem is worse this year. The numbers of bloodsuckers continue to grow at an alarming rate and they spread far-and-wide even faster than deployment and growth of bed bug extermination service providers. The frequency of bed bug reports has increased by twenty percent since 2013.

With the rising bed bug infestation, more and more bed bug control companies are coming out of nowhere, and in our opinion this is making the problem even worse. Many amateurs who know nothing about bed bugs besides a few hours spent researching bed bugs are starting to offer bed bug elimination services on the side. This causes bed bugs to become more resistant to pesticides; they are spreading to other areas to avoid ineffective extermination methods and are causing more problems than good. This is why it is more important than ever before to choose a reputable bed bug exterminator in your area. For a great company that offers 100% guaranteed bed bug extermination with a price match guarantee in Toronto choose Bed Bug Exterminator Pro. They are a division of Pestend Pest Control Toronto and are fully insured, bonded, licensed and registered with the Ministry of Environment Ontario.

backpackers-torontoHowever, the main reason for the rapid bed bug spread are travelers and hitchhikers who move with their bed bug infested clothing and luggage. These pests also hide in electronics, beddings, and furniture so it is very easy to transfer them from hotels, motels, hostels, and other public areas to homes and work. People take them along unknowingly as they relocate and the bed bugs quickly establish a strong hold in bedrooms, multiplying quickly and becoming difficult to get rid of. This also why, these pests are no longer limited to urban areas, but are also common in rural areas such as Orangeville, Bolton, Pickering, Warsaw and other smaller towns in rural Ontario.

bed-bug-sizeThey are almost like the apple seed in size and shape, and become visible to the naked eye as reddish-brown oval shaped insects. While they are young, they are silvery and difficult to spot, bed bug eggs are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. However, their bite leaves a red itchy swelling on the skin, which usually makes people sleepless and restless.

The suggested strategy the government and health care workers have proposed to control the spread of this problem in three steps:

  1. Share information about these pests (life cycle, threat, how to eradicate them from households)
  2. Educate the masses on common and best practices to control these pests. To do this, communities and health care workers reach out to people through the following:
  • Don’t keep it a secret, talk about it
  • Use media to spread information
  • Introduct the topic to educational institutions
  • Refer Good Pest Exterminators
  • Know which DIY methods/products work and which don’t
  1. Encourage establishment of pest control work groups or bed bug exterminators in affected cities and support them to help people eradicate these pests

Bed Bug Exterminators

The best solution to this problem is calling in bed bug exterminators to help handle bed bug infestations immediately. It is not an easy battle to fight these bloodsuckers, which is why professionals can be very helpful and are highly recommendable even by the government of Ontario. Choose wisely and evaluate several bed bug exterminators in your city before making your decision.